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Anglesey North Wales

Coasteering in Anglesey North Wales Wales is widely considered to be one of the best locations for this exciting activity. From the moment you arrive you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your journey along the coast line. Immerse yourself in the diverse scenery and take part in exhilarating water activities whilst learning basic safety instructions and exploring the wonders of this truly remarkable environment.


We provide all equipment wetsuit buoyancy aid and safety helmet are provided as an integral part of coasteering; even on routes where it is possible to stay dry.


The coasteering route or activity on Anglesey, the group starts out navigating the coastline climbing, jumping and swimming - your route choice of Porth Dafarch is shorter swim's less ground covered and more jumps and a brilliant coasteering venue for all age groups. Porth Ruffydd is adventure coasteering and a great test of endurance from the open water swimming, superb rock climbing and one epic big jump at the end.

The adventure skills we use are climbing, scrambling, sea level traversing: the very nature of the coastline for coasteering demands all aspects of these outdoor skills. Any climbing activity takes place above deep water, with deep water as our safety. The similarity to the sport of deep-water soloing, coasteering is never a dry climbing activity.
Jumping and Diving: are a fun and exciting part of coasteering, always optional during the coasteering session and our instructors are always happy to give encouragement and advice to build confidence during the day.

A defining factor of coasteering is the opportunity provided by the marine geology climbing on the quartzite sea cliffs where the water, waves, rock gullies, caves that are formed to provide a very high energy environment to explore.

Guided adventure experience navigating the rocky sea cliffs of Anglesey. In North Wales, we have world-class venues for our coasteering group days, available from Spring, summer and autumn when the sea warms up.


Half day or Extreme day adventures are offered at two levels for beginners and the more advanced groups. Some trips can be specially designed towards the study of the coastal ecology for colleges, universities, scout and cadet groups studying the marine environment or studying outdoor education. Families, stag and hen groups, school children and military fun day's out.


Basic Safety Equipment
All Safety equipment reflects the environment in which the sport is performed we provide:

  • Wet suit

  • Buoyancy aid

  • Helmet

Please bring swimming gear, shorts to wear outside of the wetsuit and trainers you're happy to get wet in.