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Adventures Captured: Our Clients in Action


Welcome to our photo page where you can browse through a selection of photos showcasing the exciting outdoor activities we offer at Active Cymru Adventures. Our gallery includes shots of clients participating in canyoning, gorge walking, coasteering, and mountaineering, captured with our GoPro 360 camera that is perfect for action shots in any weather conditions.

canyoing activity in the gorge with family group
Canyoneering client descending a rope in the canyon
Coasteering adventure activity clients swimming Anglesey coastline
Canyon waterfall with clients in Snowdonia North Wales
Gorge walking experience with group swimming in fresh water pool
Gorgewalking experience clients in the gorge at Betws-y-Coed
Coasteering experience with guide North Wales
Afon ddu waterfall with gorgewalking adventure group Snowdonia Wales
Coasteering experience with guide open water swimming North Wales
Adventure activity people standing in a waterfall gorgewalking in North Wales
Coasteering experience with people walking in blue calm sea water off Anglesey North Wales
Coasteering swimming between sea cliffs on the Isle of Anglesey
Outdoor group ascending a gorge in Snowdonia gorgewalking
Coasteering swimming between the rock formations on the west coast of Anglesey
Coasteering group with guide wearing equipment swimming in clear blue sea
Coasteering group in the water with lava flow rock formation
Gorgewalking team scrambling up a narrow part of the gorge
Swimming through a waterfall gorgewalking in North Wales
Coasteering cliff dive into deep water wearing protective equipment
Coasreering rock climbing Anglesey North Wales
Canyoning stag group canyoneering in North Wales wearing full protective equipment in the canyon
Canyoning experience North Wales with group in main waterfall swimming in natural freshwater pool
Team building gorgewalking adventure experience in Snowdonia gorge
Rock climbing coasteering group traversing on sea cliffs above deep water
Coasteering adventure activity pencil dive cliff jump into deep blue sea

Take a closer look at our canyoning photos and see our clients traversing steep canyons, plunging into deep pools of water, and navigating rocky terrain. Or check out our gorge walking photos to see clients trekking through stunning landscapes, exploring hidden gorges, and scaling waterfalls. Our coasteering photos showcase clients jumping off cliffs into the ocean, swimming through natural caves, and exploring the rugged coastline. Lastly, our mountaineering photos feature clients trekking up mountains, scrambling over rocky outcrops, and taking in breathtaking views.

If you're looking to experience these thrilling adventures yourself, book with us today and create your own memories. Our experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Plus, with our GoPro 360 camera, we'll capture your adventure so you can relive it over and over again.

Browse our photo gallery and get inspired for your next adventure with Active Cymru Adventures!

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