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Mountain WALKINg Snowdonia North Wales

Equipment and location

What you need depends on the time of year and conditions –and remember these conditions may be completely different higher up the hill to what they were lower down in the valley. Under normal atmospheric conditions, as altitude increases, air temperature drops between 1°C and 3°C for every 1,000ft (300m) height gained. For dry air the temperature drop is higher, saturated air the drop is more likely to be 1°C


There is a range of footwear you can use for hill walking ranging from lightweight trainers to rigid mountaineering boots. What type you need depends on what you plan to do and what you have available.

Good clothing

Start with a moisture-wicking base-layer then add insulating and windproof layers on top. Pack a waterproof outer layer, and maybe a hat and gloves. Food and drink. Keep fueling up and you’ll keep on striding, so remember to pack meals plus a few snacks and plenty of fluids. Sun cream and sunglasses when the weathers good.


For summer hill walking if you have a map and compass please bring them along, walking poles can be a very useful tool for long distances, loose or low grip terrain. 


Carry it all comfortably in one rucksack. It doesn’t need to be too big also, think about poles for longer distances.

Once a booking is confirmed a location map will be sent by email. Please bring what you have with you. This list is recommended and can take a while to build up as you gain more experience on the hill.